Our Team

We are six girls which are currently frequenting third year's class at Scuola Cantonale di Commercio of Bellinzona and, thanks to ASPE's courses, we are participating in the "Company Programme" founded by Yes.swiss. The programme provides for the creation and the management of a real mini-enterprise of the duration of one scholastic year. Our objective is creating an innovative product. We have founded Gazz-Fizz, a mini-enterprise that is creating a "Gazzosa" with two flavours: a sweet one lemon-peach and a refreshing one lemon-mint. 

CEO - Noemi
Chief Executive Officer
CAO - Lara
Chief Administrative Officer
CMO - Lea 
​​​​​​​Chief Marketing Officer
CPO - Ilaria 
Chief Product Officer
CFO - Oriana 
Chief ​​​​​​​Financial Officer
CTO - Kalika 
Chief Technology Officer



Thanks to our activity we have the possibiliy to create a product with a very important values: sustainability. Our "Gazzosa" is made in Ticino (KM 0) and the bottle is completely in glass. An another value is that the drink is sugar-free.